1C – Ms Butler’s Class

Friday Fun

The boys in 1C were very lucky on November 18th to see the wonderful 2 legged, four legged, 8 legged and no legged friends that came to visit us in the hall. We saw a snake, a parrot, a bearded dragon lizard, an owl, a geko and a giant bunny. A very scary tarantula came…

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Halloween Happenings

  An eventful finish to our first terrific term! The boys in 1C truly showcased their creative sides with their imaginative costumes! Poor Ms. Butler got an awful fright on Friday morning!   The sheer effort invested did not go unnoticed, and commendations to all involved in these endeavours. The boys had a wonderful day,…

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Welcome Back!

September has been a very busy month so far for all the boys and teachers of St. Patrick’s B.N.S.!  Fortunately, it has been extra special for the boys in 1st class who have only joined our school this year.  A huge welcome to them all, particularly to Ms. Butler’s pupils in 1C 🙂 Without doubt,…

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